Ascension trakSTAR / driveBAY

Integrate electromagnetic tracking unit into your simulation systems for 6DOF tracking of sensors with no line-of-sight requirements.

Build an incredibly true-to-life medical simulator with the tracking technology trusted in clinical use. As part of the 3D Guidance® product suite, the driveBAY™ and trakSTAR™ electromagnetic tracking systems provide highly accurate real-time unobstructed tracking of miniaturized sensors embedded into medical tools.

Each system uses an electromagnetic transmitter that establishes a tracking volume. Sensors are tracked in six degrees of freedom (6DOF), both inside and outside a phantom. Up to sixteen (16) sensors of different sizes can be tracked at once, enabling two or more probes, scopes, needles, catheters, etc., to be used together in the simulation environment. Low latency and fast update rates allow the most subtle of tool movements to be instantly tracked and visualized within the simulation interface.

The driveBAY and trakSTAR share the same accuracy, reliability, and versatility. The trakSTAR is a desktop unit that connects directly into a main power source, whereas the compact driveBAY fits inside the drive bay of a computer or mobile cart. The ready-to-use configuration supports easy and cost-effective integration into phantoms, ultrasound simulators, interventional simulators, surgical rehearsal theatres, and other medical trainers. The tracking volume, measurement rate, sensors, and software interface can also be adapted to your unique system requirements.

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