Ascension Flock of Birds

The Flock is Ascension's most popular tracker. Researchers, developers and end-users alike use it in all real-time visualization and interactive applications.

Ascension Technologies Corporation discontinued the production of the Flock of Birds. Replacement products are the 3D Guidance trakSTAR / driveBAY.

Key features include:

  • Pulsed DC magnetic technology for six degrees-of-freedom tracking with a universal interface.
  • Immunity from distortion from non-magnetic conductive metals. You can use this tracker around stainless steel (300 series), titanium, and aluminum without measurement errors.
  • Freedom from blocking and occlusion errors. No need to keep a clear line-of sight between sensors and transmitter.
  • Simultaneous tracking of all sensors without degradation in measurement rates. Track head and hands at the same time without delay or lag.
  • Long-range coverage is easily added by "clicking in" our Extended-Range Transmitter (ERT/ERC).
  • Multiple options to address most tracking requirements.


  • Electronics units
  • DC magnetic field transmitter
  • 25 mm sensors
  • Power supply

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