About Ascension

Ascension Technology Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of electromagnetic tracking systems for the medical OEM and medical simulation markets. Ascension got its start in the military training market, developing head tracking technology for tactical aircraft simulators.

The company’s technologies were also used in commercial virtual reality and computer animation applications. However, Ascension really found its niche in the medical imaging and interventional market, where the company’s technological strengths of 3D accuracy and integration flexibility are leveraged to maximum effect.

Today, Ascension is best known for its 3D Guidance® product suite, which includes the driveBAY™ and trakSTAR™ electromagnetic (EM) tracking systems. These innovative EM solutions work in conjunction with reusable Ascension sensors, which are among the most advanced and diverse on the market. Ascension solutions are integrated into a wide range of image-guided intervention and therapy systems for use in biopsy needle guidance, image fusion, oncology, obstetrics, and neurosurgery applications. Ascension’s EM technology also provides the tracking foundation for the most realistic medical simulators on the market.

Founded in 1986, Ascension is located in Shelburne, Vermont, on the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain. Geographically, Ascension is located 90 miles south of Montreal, and 240 miles northwest of Boston. This region of Vermont is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, famous for its stunning scenery and tranquil spirit. In 2012 Ascension was acquired by Roper Industries Inc., becoming an affiliate company of NDI (Northern Digital Inc.) – also owned by Roper Industries Inc.