About InertialLabs

Based out of Virginia, USA - Inertial Labs Inc. was founded in 2001.

Today, Inertial Labs is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of position and orientation tracking systems based on the combination of inertial sensors with a variety of other sensing technologies. With specific engineering expertise that includes the development of gyroscope technologies, gyro-compass systems, Kalman filter design, and sensor fusion; Inertial Labs engineers combine practical experience with PhD level academic knowledge.

InertialLab's product development mantra is simple:

“Small size, Low power, Low cost… High Performance”

As a result, Inertial Labs currently boasts a variety of the inertial sensor industry's smallest and lowest cost inertial sensor systems for their respective class of performance: OS3D, OS3DM, VG, AHRS, INS, OptoAHRS, WOM, OptoWOM and 3DSuit Motion Capture Systems. Additionally, with new product development ongoing, Inertial Labs will soon be expanding the offerings to include low cost solutions that involve optic tracking and celestial tracking.

Although having a focus on product development, Inertial Labs has not lost its R&D roots and maintains a strong engineering presence with nearly 75% of internal staff in engineering. As such, they offer unmatchable support to their product sales including customization services and algorithms development.