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    With over 30 years of experience in eye tracking development, Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) in Bedford, Massachusetts, is the recognized authority in eye tracking. Founded by M.I.T. scientists in 1962, ASL developed the first video based eye tracker in 1974. ASL continues to pioneer innovative eye tracking solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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  • ASL Mobile Eye 5

    Mobile Eye 5

    Applied Science Laboratories (ASL), the authority on eye tracking, offers portable and easy to use wireless Mobile Eye-5 eye tracking glasses. The glasses are available in 5 different “Trac-Pak” configurations, designed to give you flexibility in choosing the eye tracker capabilities that best fit your research needs as well as your budget requirements.

  • ASL D7 Optics Series

    D7 Remote Desktop Eye Tracking Optics

    There are a variety of eye tracking options available to researchers depending on their specific applications. The D7 optical/camera array is ASL’s newest and most robust desktop/remote eye tracking configuration in the ASL EYE-TRAC® 7 series family.

  • ASL H7 Optics Series

    H7 Head Mounted Eye Tracking Optics

    There are a variety of eye tracking options available to researchers depending on their specific applications. Head mounted systems are designed to accurately track pupil diameter and eye position relative to the person’s head. A head mounted solution is an excellent choice when participants are viewing multiple surfaces or when the ability to move within a restricted area is required. A head mounted camera is optimally located near the eye to improve resolution, magnification of pupil and flexibility in adjusting for corrective lenses.

  • ASL fMRI and MEG Eye Tracking

    fMRI and MEG Eye Tracking

    ASL is the only company whose system has been successfully installed and used in fMRI’s in over 70 locations worldwide. Our experience includes, but is not exclusive to, installations in Siemens Allegra, Siemens TIM Trio, Philips and GE. We have successful installations with both CP head coils and 8 and 12 channel head coils. Our experienced staff can assist with optical path designs, custom configurations, stimulus display inquiries, training and installation.

  • ASL High Speed Stationary Optics

    High Speed Stationary Optics for use with Non Human Primates

    One of the several optical/arrays of camera available from ASL is the high speed stationary optics for use when there is no head movement. This small high speed optics and camera is securely attached to a tripod. Depending on the set up, the camera can be positioned directly under the viewing area or off to one side with a hot mirror reflecting the eye image back to the camera. This configuration is not desired for human participants.

  • ASL Results Plus GazeMap

    Results Plus GazeMap (GM)™

    ASL is pleased to announce our revolutionary eye tracking data analysis software! As part of their comprehensive ASL Results Plus software suite, the advanced GazeMap module makes analysis quick and easy with a near automated process! 

  • Paradigm Elements

    Paradigm Elements

    Flexible Data Collection and Stimulus Presentation



    EYESTART provides researchers with tight budget constraints the opportunity to collect accurate eye tracking data. It is also an excellent eye tracking training tool.

  • ASL Results Plus

    Results Plus

    ASL Results Plus is a powerful eye tracking data analysis software program from ASL Eye Tracking. 

  • ASL Results Plus Monitor Tracking

    Results Plus Monitor Tracking (MT)

    Exciting new data analysis software for eye tracking mobile devices and computers! ASL's new Monitor Tracking analysis software module is the latest addition to the powerful ASL Results Plus analysis suite.

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