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    About Cinoptics

    Cinoptics specializes in producing high-end electronic optics for integration in Head Mounted or Hand Held Displays. They create custom-made solutions and are constantly innovating and improving their technology, based on user feedback. Cinoptics range of fully immersive, affordable HMD’s, with the best image quality possible, create a near to real life experience.

  • Cinoptics AIRO


    The lightweight AIRO SXGA HMD (Head Mounted Display) is a 3D optical see-through solution with a wide field of view (50 degrees) for applications that involve (medical) training and simulation, navigation, logistics and maintenance support.

  • Cinoptics AIRO HELM


    The AIRO Helm, Augmented Reality Helmet Mounted Display, offers high resolution image quality (1280 x 1024) and the highest quality optical see-through solution with a 50 degree field of view. Ideal for applications that require a reliable high quality HMD and involve training and simulation, navigation, logistics and maintenance support under various conditions.

  • Cinoptics AIRO II


    The lightweight AIRO II Optical See Through Smart Glasses combines a high resolution OLED display with a wide field of view in an ergonomic design. It is the ideal tool for Augmented Reality (AR) applications that involve training and simulating, medical navigation, maintenance support and logistics.

  • Cinoptics COBALT


    Cinoptics introduces COBALT, a fully immersive VR Head Mounted Display. This OLED based HMD offers an amazing 60 degrees Field of View. It can also be customized to meet your specific requirements including the seamless integration of 1 or 2 cameras for Video See-Through and a 3 or 6 DoF motion tracker.

  • Cinoptics DUSK


    The Simulated Night Vision Goggles have been developed for standard (monochrome) & enhanced (full colour) night vision training applications. The design is based on in-depth knowledge of Helmet Mounted Displays in real aircraft use and the effects of HMD properties on pilot performance. The lightweight helmet mounted binocular unit accurately replicates the performance of real NVGs.

  • Cinoptics STORMCLOUD


    STORMCLOUD is (probably) the most advanced Simulated Enhanced Helmet Mounted Sight Display (eHMSD) in the world and developed by Cinoptics in collaboration with NLR (Nederlands Lucht en Ruimtevaartcentrum/Netherlands Aerospace Centre). The optics offer a transmission of >70% and have been integrated into a lightweight helmet design which includes headphones & microphone.

  • Cinoptics ARGON


    ARGON is Cinoptics’ Simulated Virtual Binocular for professional Virtual Reality applications. ARGON handles variable inputs in a fast and convenient way. Its high quality optics and high resolution makes it the ideal tool for research and training. The strong and durable design allows seamless integration of various precision trackers and customization.

  • Cinoptics ARCTIC


    Cinoptics’ handheld ARCTIC is built to support military operations in the field. ARCTIC provides an efficient, rapid exchange of information via camera and Augmented Reality. The robust and durable rugged design can be used under various conditions.

  • Cinoptics SKYE


    Cinoptics has developed the SKYE, a USB 3.0 Camera Module. The compact 5 megapixel Camera Module can be integrated in all HMDs by Cinoptics as well as third party products.

  • Cinoptics VB-56 SXGA

    VB-56 SXGA

    The FLCoS display technology is incorporated in Cybermind's first Virtual Binocular model.

  • Cinoptics Visette 45 SXGA

    Visette 45 SXGA

    The Visette series offers an affordable high-end Head Mounted Display (HMD).

  • Cinoptics Visette 45 SXGA ST

    Visette 45 SXGA ST

    The Visette 45 SXGA HMD is also available with See Through Option.

  • Cinoptics Visette 45 SXGA VST

    Visette 45 SXGA VST

    The Visette 45 SXGA HMD is also available with Video See Through Option.

  • Cinoptics Cyber-I

    Cyber-I SXGA

    Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD is the first SXGA Optical See-Through Monocular with fixed camera option and 50 degrees Field of View. It is compatible with HDMI out (smartphones and tablets) and the optical solution for handsfree applications for the Homeland Security and Defence Industry, maintenance- and logistics applications and to support medical procedures.

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