WorldViz Vizible

WorldViz is excited to share more details about our VR sales communication solution, previously codenamed “Project Skofield”. As of today, the solution will officially be branded Vizible™. 

Vizible™ is designed to help sales professionals communicate more effectively and reduce the need for sales travel. Companies interested in testing Vizible™ can sign up today.

What is Vizible™?

Vizible™ brings VR to sales teams looking for new, cost-effective and more immersive methods for communicating complex ideas to prospects and clients. It operates much like a GoToMeeting™ for VR and takes advantage of VR’s unique ability to make someone feel “present” in a virtual location, drastically diminishing the need for sales teams to travel to a physical location to present a product idea or a physical mockup. This is incredibly important for businesses engaged in the creation of highly complex and costly products, such as aerospace, automotive, construction, engineering, architecture, and more.

Why do I need Vizible™?

Modern communication technologies such as telephony, video conference calls, and PowerPoint sharing simply don’t enable decision makers to experience complex products first hand before they purchase them. To circumvent this limitation, companies are spending a staggering $1.25 trillion globally on business travel, and even then, salespeople must still resort to 2D designs or costly physical mock-ups to help them sell. We believe Vizible™ is the answer to that challenge.

How does it work?

WorldViz Vizible Presentation Designer Little to no technical expertise is necessary to create and experience VR content using Vizible™. The solution’s Presentation Designer software allows sales professionals to quickly put together a VR presentation by dragging and dropping elements into the WYSIWYG editor. The Presentation Designer also allows the presenter to bring the presentation to life by adding animations, triggers, and user interaction. In addition to 3D content, traditional 2D content such as PDF training manuals or PowerPoint slides can be inserted to support the overall meeting.

Once a presentation is created, the presenter can then invite clients or prospects to join a session immediately or at a later date via email or text. Attendees from around the world can then view, experience, and interact with the VR presentation simultaneously with other invited users. A set of presentation and annotation tools gives all the users interesting ways to dynamically interact with the live VR content. Users can literally hand a piece of merchandize to someone located on another continent, teleport a group of customers through full-scale models, and build 3D sketches on the fly for hashing out new ideas. Of course, Vizible™ provides telephony for voice communication, and our multi-region server centers provide a robust and low-latency experience for all. Lastly, built-in analytics allow organizers to record voice and user behaviors for later reference.

What else do I need to know?

StanleyInteractionWhile Vizible™ is primarily a solution for sales people, it can also be used for remote collaboration, design review with distributed teams, and product training.
Initially, Vizible™ will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets and controllers, as well as the current 3D displays, CAVE projection systems, and input devices that WorldViz offers. Other headsets, trackers and input devices will be added over time, depending on demand.

How do I sign up for the beta program?

As WorldViz progresses towards the October launch date, it is expanding its beta testing program to any company interested in testing the system. Companies interested in becoming a beta tester can sign up on our website.

How do I get a first look at Vizible™?

Those interested in getting a first look at Vizible™ can visit the product page or contact us directly

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