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Vizard 5, packed with exciting new features and capabilities, is now available for immediate download.


Vizard FREE Edition

Most importantly, anyone can now download a Vizard FREE license which will never expire. It provides full Vizard functionality but for evaluation, which means that Vizard scripts end after 5 minutes and must be relaunched. In addition, we have eliminated the 10 sec fullscreen limitation from Vizard 4. The prominent watermark remains.

Vizard LITE Edition

This edition and perpetual license maintains our historical LITE offering and is the same as the FREE except that the 5 minute script execution time limit is removed. However, there remains a 5 minute execution limit to all published EXEs as well as the clustered scripts. Also, the prominent watermark remains.

Vizard DEV Edition

This edition and perpetual license removes the watermark, removes the 5 minute execution limit to published EXEs, and unlocks the SDK that allows anyone to extend Vizard's device and render capabilities. There remains a 5 minute execution limit to clustered scripts. As before, EXEs published with a DEV license cannot be commercial sold and users interested in doing so must upgrade to an Enterprise (ENT) edition.

Vizard ENT Edition

This edition and perpetual license unlocks all Vizard features, allowing commercial, royalty-free sales of published EXEs, and allowing clusters to run without any time restrictions. New to this edition is the rule that one ENT license is required per GPU card. As before, during the period of commercial distribution of EXEs, users are required to have a current Silver Support contract.


Art flow

Vizard 5 brings developers and artists a modern approach for creating stunning visual effects. We introduce two new and powerful approaches that will excite both the artists and the programmers. The new artist approach embraces the 3DS MAX workflows by giving full control over 15 different map types that can be combined in 3DS MAX and then rendered in Vizard without any intervention. The new programming approach is a major addition to our Vizard programming library and provides methods for constructing, combining, and controlling shaders with ease. Needless to say, the two methods work hand-in-hand to maximize the potential of your artist and programming talents.

64 bit

Vizard 5 now includes both 32 and 64 bit render engines as well as 32 and 64 bit device drivers. 64 bit processing means you can build tomorrow’s high performance visual simulations by tapping into nearly limitless amounts of host and GPU memory (up to 16 exabytes to be exact). More memory means more models, polygons, and textures that Vizard can load all at once for deploying simulations of huge datasets. This now allows you to maximize modern GPUs, some of which have up to 12 GB onboard GPU memory, and still be ready for anything tomorrow brings.


Vizconnect allows you to choose from pre-configured settings or select any number of devices from an unbeatable list of compatible visual displays, tracking devices and controllers. You can also easily assign functions and precise parameters for each interface device available to you (e.g., your mouse’s left and right click, the trigger button on the PPT Wand, etc). Vizconnect takes care of back-end logistics, freeing you up to simply add, subtract, and combine devices at your own discretion using an intuitive visual interface. Vizconnect sets the bar for Virtual Reality device compatibility and configuration, giving you just one more reason to embrace Vizard as your preferred Virtual Reality application engine.

Additional Device Support

• Oculus Rift DK2/DK1
• Trivisio motion sensor update
• xSens Moven motion sensor update
• Sixense motion controllers
• SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) eye tracking
• Improved zSpace support
• DotProduct 3D image scanner

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