Cybermind is now Cinoptics

As of September 1st 2014, Cybermind Interactive Nederland introduces its new corporate identity: Cinoptics. Since its founding in 1997, the company has evolved into a full-fledged international player in the field of Professional Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies in a range of application areas.

The introduction of the new name symbolizes this development and reflects the company's goal to further expand its capabilities.

With a new name comes also a new brand: the new corporate design and website will enhance international recognition of Cinoptics. The brand name, logo and designs represent what the company stands for, now and in the future. Its mission is to continue creating, developing and producing advanced innovative and user-friendly solutions.

However, this change does not stop with re-designing the company name and corporate identity: the new identity reflects the changes in the company's business and the launch of today's new products form the basis for ongoing innovation in their industry.

Cinoptics is confident that, in collaboration with their partners and clients, it will continue to build on the foundation laid by Cybermind and is looking forward to explore new boundaries within its industry.

With the launch of the new corporate identity Cinoptics also released new product lines.

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