WorldViz PPT

WorldViz announced three new PPT motion tracking product releases:

PPT Studio 2013: Your powerful motion tracking software control center with many performance and feature improvements.

PPT Wand 2013: The magic wand for intuitive hand interaction and navigation in CAVEs, and with Powerwalls or 3D headset systems. Now lighter, more ergonomic, and instantly connecting to Vizard 5.

PPT Eyes 2013: The super-light wireless motion tracker mountable on any pair of 3D glasses. Now even lighter, and with a nifty auto sleep mode energy saving system.

The WorldViz PPT motion tracking products are upgradeable and modular. If you already own a PPT, please contact us and learn what amazing things you can do by upgrading! For example, for little extra money, your PPT for 3D headsets expands into tracking the extremely affordable CornerCave!

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