zSpace System

z Space is a revolutionary 24" tablet display with passive circular 120 Hz stereo 3D polarization technology capable displaying flicker-free Full-HD Resolution without Shutterglasses. It includes an integrated optical tracking system for the users view and a 6DOF Stylus for intuitively manipulation and navigation.

z Space exists to unleash the full potential of human creativity. By blending the physical world with a sensory-rich virtual world that people can naturally and significantly advance the way we solve problems, learn, teach, communicate and create our world. zSpace provides an immersive, interactive 3D environment for professionals in the areas of computing, creating, simulation, communication, Animation/Design, CAD/CAM/CAE, Molecular Modeling, GIS… everywhere where Professionals are working with or presenting high resolution 3D real-time data.

z Space is supported for example from the following software packages: Aditazz, AST2, Autodesk Maya 3D, Autodesk Showcase, Dassault 3DVIA, SAP Right Hemisphere, Digizyme, Unity 3D Pro, echoPixel, FMS, Geoweb3d, Avogadro, Pymol, Rhino5, Mindtel, RTT DeltaGen, Siemens TeamCenter 10.1, ...

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