Brother OmniJoin

OmniJoin web and video conferencing for business allows you to share and collaborate on documents and hold secure, reliable boardroom quality meetings online with multi-screens in HD video and crystal-clear VoIP audio.

Meeting clients and colleagues has never been so simple. Connect with just a click on your computer and get everyone around the table. It's effective, cost-efficient and easy.

Hold meetings large and small

One-on-one, face-to-face or up to 50 attendees - OmniJoin web conferences let you hold the kind of meeting you want, the way you want, with whoever you want. Just use email or the scheduler to invite the people you need.

Share documents and ideas

Documents, PowerPoint presentations, the whiteboard - share your screen and everyone can watch your desktop as you explain your work. With it all happening in real-time, it's a seamless way to present and an efficient way to make decisions and reach agreements.

Have single or multiple presenters

OmniJoin web conferencing is as easy as being in the room together - if you're sharing a project or collaborating on a concept, everyone can take a turn at presenting their part of the meeting; you just switch presenters whenever you choose.

All the tools you need

Want to highlight a point, draw attention to something or sketch an idea? Simply guide the web conference using the interactive pen, highlighter, animated pointers or eraser.

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