Brother AirScouter

AiRScouter from Brother is a head-mounted, see-through type display that allows images from computers and smartphones to be viewed by the wearer. Images appear as if they were in front of the user. The technology includes a high-definition liquid crystal panel, with mirror reflected light making the image visible, as if they were shown on the translucent display.

More freedom of movement

The use of head-mounted display allows greater freedom of movement, as installation and repair manuals can be projected on the over-eye display, leaving you with both hands free.

Remote training.

Remote training, can be done simultaneously without having to leave the workplace. Internal training is no longer an obstacle and employees can maintain productivity.


The glasses can simplify the logistics process, for example the items that need to be selected in a warehouse can be visualised on the head mounted display and detected in picking process. The risk of shipping incorrect items is reduced and customer satisfaction increased.

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