Sensics Wireless Video Link

Sensics, the professional HMD company and inventor of the SmartGoggles, announced today that it is shipping the second generation of an ultra low-latency, HD1080 wireless video link that is specifically optimized for head mounted displays.

The new generation features even lower transmission latency, smaller size, faster connection, in-band support for head tracking information, multi-link support and a smaller battery. This combination of features makes the new wireless video links a perfect complement for professional HMDs.

The combination of this wireless link and a set of rechargeable batteries that typically power the zSight HMD and the wireless link for about 2 hours between charges, is now offered.

"True portability has always been a key part of the value proposition of head mounted displays", says Jason Kaplan, Vice President of Business Development for Sensics. "Our new and improved wireless link makes this a reality. The combination of size, speed, distance and downlink head tracking information makes the Sensics HD1080 wireless link the perfect complement for professional HMDs."

Key features of this second-generation offering include:

  • High-quality, low latency transmission. HD1080P video (and lower resolutions) as well as embedded stereo audio are supported with latency of about 1 millisecond. The initial connection is established in a just a few seconds.
  • In-band head-tracking information. Information from the embedded yaw/pitch/roll head-tracker of the Sensics zSight HMD can now be sent wirelessly from the HMD to the controlling computer over the same link, allowing true interactivity.
  • Long range, typically 30 meters without requiring line of sight.
  • Small size: receiver module is approx 15cm x 10cm in size (6" x 4"). Smartphone-sized rechargeable batteries provide an average of 2 hours of operation between changes. An AC adapter is also included if battery operation is not required.
  • Support for multiple links. Typically up to 8 transmitter/receiver pairs can be used in the same space, each carrying an independent, full-quality video signal.

The product is available now for immediate shipment.

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