WorldViz Vizard

WorldViz announced that Vizard 4 is released. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned expert, you’ll be amazed by the changes, yet relieved by its familiarity and backward compatibility. Added are exciting new features such as a visual model Inspector, single-machine clustering for multi-GPU support, a built-in webserver for interaction over mobile devices, and support for many new VR peripherals. Techies will be pleased to learn that Vizard now sports Python 2.7 and OpenSceneGraph 2.9.

Vizard 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Is R4 backward compatible with R3? Almost entirely yes. The sections “What’s New” and “Vizard 4 Upgrade Guide” included in the Vizard 4 documentation introduction section discusses this.

Can I install Vizard R4 without interfering with my existing Vizard R3 installation? Yes, they install side-by-side without any interference. What’s more, the R4 IDE offers a convenient option for launching a script using the R3 engine (if installed), thus giving you the benefit of the R4 IDE for applications you wish to still run in R3.

Will customers get a free upgrade to Vizard R4? All customers with a valid support contract get free major version updates to Vizard R4. Customers who purchased Vizard after February 1, 2011 are eligible for a free upgrade to R4.

How do I purchase an upgrade to Vizard R4, if I do not have a valid support contract? You will need to purchase a one year Vizard support contract. Prices for support contracts start at 15% of the current commercial price. A reinstatement fee equal to one year of support will be added if your support contract expired more than 1 year ago. Please contact WorldViz sales or your WorldViz reseller for more details and a quote.

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