Polhemus G4

Polhemus is raising the bar in wireless 6 Degree-Of-Freedom motion tracking technology by launching G4—the next generation of AC electromagnetic technology. With superior performance, wireless communication, scalability and a compact design, G4 creates new possibilities in the area of motion capture, to include research and technology, military applications, and the health care field.

G4 touts the power of larger, more expensive systems, yet is significantly smaller in size.Capable of being belt-worn, the sleek electronics unit is the size of most mobile phones. Armedwith sensors operating at 120 Hz, G4’s hub calculates each sensor’s position and orientation,and then wirelessly reports the information directly to the PC. The operation is seamless.

Polhemus President and CEO, Al Rodgers, is enthusiastic about G4’s possibilities, saying“Polhemus has always been known for the speed and accuracy that only comes with ACelectromagnetic technology. But this level of performance, coupled with wirelesscommunication, portability, and scalable features, makes this product perfect for applicationswhich demand superior performance, yet require versatility. G4 opens new doors for usability.”

G4’s compact design packs many powerful and practical features--offering complete freedom ofmovement, without cumbersome tether cables. Update rates are maintained; deliveringconsistent, high-quality data with zero drift characteristics and no line-of-sight occlusions.Incorporating state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics, in concert with ACmagnetics, allows data stability, high resolution and amazing speed to be achieved—impressivefeatures for a tracker that fits in the palm of your hand.

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