CyberGlove Systems CyberGlove III

CyberGlove Systems (CGS) is pleased to announce their latest hardware product, Mocap Glove wireless data glove for high-accuracy joint-angle measurements. It offers the same accuracy and repeatability as the CyberGlove II with up to 22 data points. Users can count on the repeatability, dependability, and robust design... low breakage has been proven with CyberGlove products for the past 20 years.

Designed for fit and comfort, Mocap Glove offers:

  • New Hyper Sensors, rugged and optimal output
  • Wi-Fi standard 802.11g connectivity
  • Smaller form factor that fits in the all new upper arm band
  • On-board, portable memory card for data storage
  • 12-bit processor for improved resolution
  • Smaller, rechargeable battery
  • One glove works both wireless or wired (via mini USB cable)
  • Jam-Sync port for time stamp to sync up glove with other device on the same master clock
  • Improved software interface, one step launch with user-friendly GUI

MoCap Glove is the culmination of years of industry experience and research. As a leader in 3D interaction tools, CyberGlove Systems brings to market yet another engineering tool to allow motion capture and animation studios to bring characters to life in real-time.

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