PhaseSpace Impulse X2

PhaseSpace has revolutionized the motion capture process into one that is easy, affordable and fast. From setup to tear down, every step of the motion capture process is quick and painless. Moreover, the PhaseSpace IMPULSE system has enabled a single user to operate the entire system! Lastly, the system is designed to drastically reduce the number of errors in the data, thus reducing the cost of data cleaning.

The IMPULSE motion capture system has some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced hardware. All of this technology was designed specifically to make motion capture easier. PhaseSpace has taken all the hard work away from the user and packed it into the hardware. The entire system consists of only a few elements, each designed to be powerful and portable.

Because of the patented active LED technology, PhaseSpace has reduced the reliance on complicated software to resolve marker positions. Unlike traditional motion capture systems that require users to template markers or place them asymmetrically, the IMPULSE system resolves the unique IDs automatically. This allows our software to be uncomplicated and very easy to use. PhaseSpace also includes a full C++ and Python API to allow you to write your own custom software. All of our software runs on both LINUX and WINDOWS.

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