zSpace System

A virtual reality environment for immersive exploration, visualization, and learning.
Unleash the full potential of human understanding.

zSpace is an immersive, interactive hardware and software platform for students, educators, researchers, and corporate trainers. zSpace gives depth to the digital learning experience by improving the way things are studied, explored, designed and visualized.


  • zSpace solutions incorporate unique software, a special zSpace display and PC
  • A zSpace display is a high-definition stereoscopic display with full resolution images rendered for each eye and uses sensors to track the viewing angle of the user
  • Uniquely designed stylus for managing all interactions in VR space
  • Applications for K-12, Medical schools and corporate training
  • Development platform for creating new applications and integrating new input devices

​zView (Optional)

  • Combined with the zSpace, zView allows users to share their work with an audience
  • It is an augmented reality display where the audience is able to appreciate the leader’s virtual perspective on any 2D projector, display or TV
  • Used as a classroom aid, it helps instructors lead students through projects in the most relevant way possible
  • Share the power of a virtual display with an audience on existing AV equipment

Product includes:

  • zView software
  • Camera
  • Mounting bracket for camera


zSpace 200 BrochurezSpace 200 BrochurezSpace 200 TechSpecszSpace 200 TechSpecs

zSpace 300 BrochurezSpace 300 Brochure

zSpace 300 TechSpecs zSpace 300 TechSpecs

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