Trivisio M3 Cam HMD

The M3-Cam HMD is a specialized product designed for Augmented Reality applications. It is a monocular optic-see-through device that projects an image or a streaming video through the near-the-eye micro-display. The frameless design allows nearly unblocked vision.

The M3-Cam HMD has been discontinued. As a possible replacement please see the Trivisio LOC.20.

Camera 1600 x 1200 (30fps), USB 2.0
Sensor CCD
Gain auto/manual
Shutter Speed auto/manual
Focus auto/manual
Iris fixed
Standard lens Zeiss, not changeable by user
Microdisplay SVGA AMLCD 800x600 color (equals 1,440,000 pixels)
Display Color 24 bit
Frame Rate 60fps
See-through ratio 50%
Field of view 29° diagonal (4:3, 23° (horiz), 17° (vert))
Distortion 1.3% (horiz), 0.8% (vert), 2.1% corner
Eye-Relief 25mm (edge of beamsplitter)
Eye Motion Box 6mm (horiz) x 6mm (vert)
Accomodation Distance 1580mm
Video Interface DVI-D
Cable Length 2.2m (optional 5m)
Power Consumption 2.5W (5V, taken from USB port)
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
Weight 165g (without headband)
Dimensions (W/H/D) 50mm/110mm/40mm

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