Trivisio ARS.30

Binocular optical see-through AR system.

Technical Specifications

Micro Displays 2 x SXGA OLED 1280 x 1024 pixels
Display Color 4 x 10 bits for RGBW
Luminance (RGBW) 300 cd/m² (typical), 400 cd/m² (max)
Contrast 10 000 : 1
Frame Rate 60 Hz
Optical see-through 50 % image reflection, 50 % image transmittance
FOV (diagonal) 30 degrees
Overlap 100%
Aspect Ratio 5:4 (12 mm x 9.6 mm active area display)
Distortion < 2%
Eye Relief 30 mm
Video Interface HDMI
Power 5V from USB2.0 port
Camera 5 MP module with autofocus, USB 2.0
Operating Temperature -40° C to +70° C (operating temperature display)
Weight < 250g
Dimensions (W/H/D) 180 mm x 65 mm x 215 mm

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