The MotionMonitor® Features

The most advanced data acquisition, analysis and visualization system in the market place provides precise measurement of human motion.

The MotionMonitor® is a turn-key 3-D motion capture system designed to synchronously collect data from kinematic trackers, EMG, force plates, video, event markers and other analog devices. Data generated from a rich collection of analytical tools are immediately available for playback with graphical displays of all data outputs. Stunning 3-D computer-rendered animations of the subject can be viewed as a skeleton, stick figure, or humanoid. Real-time measurement of the human body's movement, muscle recruitment and external forces acting on the body is achieved using the broadest range of hardware available in the market.

The MotionMonitor® C3D Model BuilderC3D DataAnalyze Data collected from any hardware using The MotionMonitor® C3D Model Builder:

  • Import data and construct models in 4 simple steps
  • Use established marker sets, rigid bodies or combinations of both
  • Define virtual joint centers, landmarks & segment coordinate systems
  • Save model templates for faster setup

Preprogrammed configuration of hardware for real-time, interactive collection from:TMM Hardware

  • Ascension's trakStar System
  • Polhemus' Fastrak, Patriot, Liberty, and G4
  • Motion Analysis Corp's Raptor, Kestrel and Osprey Cameras
  • Qualisys' Oqus and Miqus Cameras
  • VICON's Bonita and Vantage cameras
  • Natural Point's OptiTrack Cameras
  • Organic Motion's markerless BioStage system
  • Phoenix Technologies Incorporated's Visualeyez active Optical systems
  • PhaseSpace's Impulse active Optical systems
  • Northern Digital's Optotrak 3020 and Certus
  • Metria Innovation's MPT system
  • XSen's MTw Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • APDM's Opal Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • Thales' InterSense Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • Delsys' Trigno EMG + Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • Bertec, AMTI and Kistler force plates and instrumented treadmills
  • ATI, AMTI and Bertec mini-load cells
  • All analog EMG systems including Delsys, Noraxon, and MotionLab Systems
  • Digital support for Noraxon's wireless DTS and Delsys' wireless Trigno EMG systems
  • BioSemi's ActiveTwo EEG, MindMedia's Nexus-32 qEEG, and ANTNeuro's eego sports EEG system
  • SR Research's Eyelink II eye tracking systems
  • SensAble's Phantom Haptic devices including single and dual haptics
  • Virtual Reality Displays including SenseGraphic's Immersive Workbench, Unity, and World Viz's Vizard Virtual Reality Toolkit
  • Single/Multiple Digital Video Cameras

Subject set-up designed to meet your unique requirements:TMM Unique Setup

  • Create a stylus to assist in precise digitization of anatomical landmarks
  • Define a Global World Axes consistent with your research protocol
  • Align axes of force plates and hand transducers with global axes
  • Use quick release sensor cuffs for a faster and more consistent subject set-up
  • Digitize landmarks and track virtual joint centers
  • Determine joint centers and segment orientation using accepted protocols such as the Bell, Davis or Leardini methods for hip joint centers and the ISB Shoulder Protocol for shoulder joint centers
  • Or, extract joint centers, local coordinate systems and landmarks automatically from CT or MRI reconstructions 

Powerful control of data collection:Powerful control of data collection

  • Event driven triggers for exact start or end of data collection
  • Autosave/Autoname features for hands-free data collection
  • Event onset and duration tracked using a choice of hardware switches such as IR, LEDs and FSRs
  • User defined software switches for contingent start or end conditions
  • Automatic synchronization of data collected from devices with different sampling rates

Immediate playback ensures accurate collection of data:TMM Playback Image

  • No digitizing, post-processing or lost markers
  • All kinematic and kinetic data are user-selectable from drop-down menus with no programming required
  • New variables can be defined using standard mathematical notation including vector and matrix operations
  • Force plate data includes COP, forces and moments
  • EMG signals include Raw, RMS, Power Spectrum and Exposure Variance Analysis
  • Joint power and work
  • Helical axes

Data Reduction features will speed analysis:TMM Feature gait

  • Employ analog filters such as Butterworth and Chebyshev with cut-off frequencies for each sensor and each analog channel
  • Use Bandpass filters in the frequency domain
  • Apply user-defined, Dempster or Zatsiorsky anthropometric assumptions
  • Define segment local axes and orientation
  • Automatically or manually define events in post-processing DataReduction-Image2
  • Normalize activities in time or by subject height and mass
  • Perform ensemble averaging with added statistical outputs
  • View all data in frequency or time domain
  • Use real-time drawing tools with synchronized video

Biofeedback for motor control, neuro research and rehabilitation:TMM Biofeedback

  • Present stimuli on 2-D monitors, Virtual Reality Immersive stereoscopic displays or at locations in the real world using simple drop down menus
  • Control the position of tracking or "chase" cursors with kinematic position, EMG, analog signals or gaze vectors
  • Audio, visual or analog output signals are generated based on proximity of "chase" cursor to targets The_MotionMonitor_Biofeedback
  • Perturbate targets or "chase" variables with user defined "gain" formulas
  • Apply assistive or resistive force feedback using single haptic device for rehabilitation or finger grasping using dual haptic devices

Additional features to enhance your productivity:TMM Additional features

  • Use pre-defined protocols such as ISB Shoulder and Ankle protocol
  • Preference files designed for specific applications such as gait and balance
  • Detail module for tracking individual bones on the hand, foot and spine
  • Meshfile generator to create images from CT & MRI scans

Benefit from unparalleled commitment to post-sale support:

  • All systems are installed on-site and "plug-in-the-wall ready"
  • On-site training is provided to maximize value for your purchase and facilitate data collection
  • Maintenance, Subscription and Support programs ensure that the product you buy today remains state of the art

Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.