Sensics Wireless Video Link

Sensics believes that head-mounted displays need not be tied with a cable to a computer. To realize this vision, they offer a wireless video link that is optimized for virtual reality: low-latency, high-definition, and supports in-band transmission of head tracking data. 1080p video @ 60 FPS is supported with less than 1 mSec of latency.

Sensics closed it's business and all products are not available any more. 

Links are established within seconds, and multiple independent transmit/receive pairs can operate at full performance in the same space.

The transmitter and receiver are physically small and can be powered by a portable rechargeable battery.

Key Specifications

  • Latency: 1 mSec
  • Supported resolutions: up to 1920×1080 @ 60 FPS
  • Video interface: HDMI (including audio information)
  • Up to 8 independent 1080p transmit/receive pairs can operate in the same space
  • +5V input voltage suitable for many rechargeable battery solutions
  • Time to establish link: typically 5 seconds


Sensics Low-Latency Wireless Link BrochureSensics Low-Latency Wireless Link Brochure


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