About Sensics

Dating back to the late 1990’s, Sensics has been developing and manufacturing high-performance VR products long before VR was fashionable or popular. They wanted to enable their customers to deliver the virtual reality experiences they were dreaming about. There has never been a shortage of ideas on what people want to achieve, but the devices that could be used to display the VR content were not compelling: resolution was low, they lacked a ‘panoramic’ view and so forth.

Sensics closed it's business and all products are not available any more. 

For years, Sensics has been creating high-end virtual reality goggles that push the technology envelope to provide the best possible viewing experience for their customers.

Today, virtual reality has evolved beyond just the display. Customers want to interact with the virtual world in many ways. They want to reach out and ‘touch’ items. They want to communicate their intent and experience the environment in multiple ways and through multiple senses. Sensics wants to enable that by allowing their customers to easily pull together the best possible sensors into one holistic experience that makes you forget you are in virtual reality.

Sensics products and technologies are deployed worldwide at hundreds of enterprise and academic customers which use them for a wide spectrum of training, medical, and research applications.

To address the consumer market, Sensics co-founded the Open Source VR (OSVR) initiative. They architected the OSVR software platform and continue to lead the software development project. They also designed key parts of the first OSVR HMD.

They are inventors, with a long and distinguished history of innovations. Sensics strives to leverage their unmatched expertise and experience in virtual reality to help their customers make the best choices for them and to help them fulfill their visions of what virtual reality can deliver.

Sensics is a privately-held company based in Columbia, Maryland, about 30 minutes north of Washington, DC.