OptiTrack VR Navigation Controller

The VR Navigation controller enables direct interaction with virtual content, boosting the level of immersion in your simulation, game, or application.

Perfectly suited for CAVE and Virtual Reality systems, it features a lightweight and easy to use form-factor and 10 hour battery life for extended use. Data is received by OptiTrack’s Motive software and can be streamed to applications with direct interfaces, including VRPN and NatNet, and game engines such as Unity and Unreal (via VRPN).

OptiTrack VR navigation controller configurations

Each option (A-D) has a unique marker arrangement, allowing up to four controllers to be used simultaneously. Additional functionality includes:

  • Supported by Motive:Body and Motive:Tracker
  • Three buttons on top and two trigger buttons
  • 3D Analog joystick and four way directional pad
  • Built-in, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (490 mAh)
  • Charges via Mini USB


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