Haption IPSI for V6 in 3D Experience

IPSI for V6, or simply called IV6, is a new tool enabling interactive Assembly and Maintenance Simulation as well as streaming of Motion Capture data into 3D Experience. It comes in two different modules: Motion Capture for Assembly Simulation and Motion Capture for Human Tasks.

Based on Haption’s physics simulation technology IPSITM, IV6 "IPSI for V6" is a CAAV6-based plug-in for 3D ExperienceTM dedicated to interactive assembly/maintenance simulation and human tasks. It consists in two sets of V6 commands, appearing as two new toolbars: 

  • IV6 MCAS provides tools for creating an interactive physic simulation session, managing interaction devices, changing object properties, etc..
  • IV6 MCHT complements IV6 MCAS with human simulation functionalities, such as calibration, grasping, etc.

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