The premier haptic products in the Geomagic® Phantom® line, (formerly Sensable) Phantom Premium 6DOF haptic devices offer highly accurate 3D object manipulation and allow users to explore application areas that require force feedback in six degrees of freedom rather than three, such as virtual prototyping, maintenance path planning and molecular modeling.

In addition to force feedback along the x-, y- and z-axis, the Phantom Premium 6DOF haptic device simulates torque force feedback in three rotational degrees of freedom: yaw, pitch and roll. Incorporating six degrees of freedom, these motorized devices provide more complete touch-based feedback that allows users to feel collision and reaction torques on a part in a virtual assembly path or feel the rotational torques supported by a remote slave robot in a teleoperation environment.

The Phantom Premium 6DOF family of haptic devices is comprised of three models. The Phantom Premium 1.5/6DOF and 1.5HF/6DOF provide a range of motion approximating lower arm movement pivoting at the elbow. A larger haptic device, the Phantom Premium 3.0 6DOF provides a greater range of motion, approximating full arm movement pivoting at the shoulder.

Phantom Premium 6DOF devices can also be fitted with optional end effectors that provide pinch functionality, simulating a seventh degree of freedom, for application in medicine, manufacturing and more.

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