Force Dimension Omega.6

The omega.6 further enhances the capabilities of the omega.3 base by introducing a high-precision pen-shaped end-effector to accurately capture the orientation of the hand.

With a perfectly counter-balanced kinematic design around every degree-of-freedom, the pen combines performance, dexterity and elegance into one of the most accomplished haptic interfaces ever built. The high-precision 6 degrees-of-freedom kinematics interface features its own real-time embedded controller into a single package, adding to its versatility. This highly ergonomic end-effector makes the omega.6 a device of choice for dental training, medical robotics, or advanced tele-operation tasks which require operating dexterous robots remotely. The omega.6 is available in left- and right-hand configuration and can be integrated in a dual workstation setup for bimanual operation.


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