Eyes3Shut Odyssey

Thanks to the top-of-range and state-of-the-art active 3D glasses designed for DLP® Link™ Projection, viewing experience has never been so perfect.

The Odyssey glasses provide a rechargeable battery, a thin and fast liquid crystal and they are very light (54 grams).

There is neither ghosting nor color banding, residual light is exceptional and viewing angle is very large, allowing an optimal viewing comfort, wherever seated in the room.

ODYSSEY is equipped with a top-of-the-range rechargeable lithium battery. Charging time is one hour allowing an autonomy of over 40 hours. Battery life is 500 cycles equivalent to 20 000 hours of screening.

Eyes3Shut ODYSSEY active glasses are compatible with any video projector DLP® Link™ 3D Ready compliant. 

ODYSSEY provides an unbreakable plastic hull.


Eyes3Shut Odyssey BrochureEyes3Shut Odyssey Brochure

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