Cobra Simulation

Cobra Simulation is based at the Alba Innovation Centre in Livingston, with an assembly facility in Bathgate set in the heart of Scotland's central belt and is only 20 minutes away from Edinburgh city airport. It is home to many diverse technology start ups like Cobra Simulation, with dedicated on site business support and great facilities the Alba Innovation Centre is perfectly placed to support the growing company. Cobra Simulation is proud to be a tenant.


The Cobra team brings together many years of experience in successfully managing innovative businesses and the application of immersive technologies in the simulation industry. With a solid foundation in product development and the backing of a strong team of designers, Cobra is able to combine the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications and Ray Tracing software to offer cost effective and innovative alternatives to the traditional products available in today's immersive technology marketplace. The Cobra team has a global reputation for delivering top quality products and services on time and on budget.


At Cobra, our philosophy is simple. It is to listen and to simplify. We believe that working this way enables us to “Combine, Create and Innovate” so our clients get great solutions at great prices. With an acute awareness that simplicity (pretty much) always wins over big budgets, we focus on listening to what our customers need very early in our engagement process. It is thanks to this approach that we are able to truly understand our customer’s unique needs. And once we understand, we Combine, Create and Innovate in order to provide them with the simplest and most cost-effective solution to their pain or problem. It is this philosophy that we believe makes Cobra different.

Why Cobra?

Why Cobra?

The story behind the brand.

Cobra launched in 2012 with its first product, the Cobra Curved Display. The design for this product was influenced by one of nature’s most amazing creatures, the cobra snake; thus the name.

The cobra snake is a highly efficient and capable predator, having evolved to do a specific job and to do it well. It typically dominates its landscape yet this powerful creature is elegant and naturally beautiful just like the Cobra Curved Display.

In our world we often look to nature to inspire us and to solve our day-to-day challenges and this is what Cobra Simulation did with the Cobra. The cobra snake gave them not only the inspiration for the design of the Cobra Curved Display but also provided them with a set of values that would define their business and how they approach their goals. As a result the company, Cobra Simulation was born.