Cinoptics AIRO HELM

The AIRO Helm, Augmented Reality Helmet Mounted Display, offers high resolution image quality (1280 x 1024) and the highest quality optical see-through solution with a 50 degree field of view. Ideal for applications that require a reliable high quality HMD and involve training and simulation, navigation, logistics and maintenance support under various conditions.

The lightweight AIRO HELM can be adapted to existing Helmet Mounts and is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Additional options:

Eyetracking, IR LED’s, microphone, voice recognition, headphone, battery pack, wearable PC.

Future development AIRO Helm:

A custom made lightweight battery pack and integrated wearable pc.
A monocular version will be available in Q3 of 2016 (50 or 40 degrees).


Cinoptics AIRO Helm BrochureCinoptics AIRO Helm Brochure

Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.