About Cinoptics

Cinoptics specializes in producing high-end electronic optics for integration in Head Mounted or Hand Held Displays. They create custom-made solutions and are constantly innovating and improving their technology, based on user feedback. Cinoptics range of fully immersive, affordable HMD’s, with the best image quality possible, create a near to real life experience.

As a world leader in the design and development of professional AR & VR NTE solutions, Cinoptics is the proof that smaller companies can be more innovative and provide far more advanced technology than major players in this field. They also offer a shorter time to market for new and existing technology.


In 1997, this company was founded under the name of Cybermind Interactive Nederland. The company soon became the leading distributor in Europe of virtual reality equipment. Besides the sale of third party products, Cybermind then started developing in-house technology.

Today, it is a different company than it started out to be. Cybermind has evolved and wants to further expand its capabilities. In order to portray the focus in high quality optronics, a new identity has been developed: Cinoptics. The brand name, logo and design represent what the company stands for, now and in the future. But it also links our future aspirations to the foundation in the past and honours the heritage of Cybermind.

Cinoptics is proud of what they have accomplished together and excited to step into a brand new chapter.
Let’s create reality!