ASL Results Plus

ASL Results Plus is a powerful eye tracking data analysis software program from ASL Eye Tracking. 

ASL, the authority in eye tracking technologies, is pleased to announce their latest release of eye tracking software, ASL Results Plus! They have once again leveraged their 30+ years of experience in the industry in conjunction with researchers' feedback, to develop the most robust version of eye tracking software the industry has seen to date. The engineers worked tirelessly to ensure this update enables researchers to be more time efficient and accurate in their eye tracking studies.

Notable Updates Include:

  • Intuitive project design.
  • Faster loading of projects.
  • New robust project format for large projects that allows users to save projects in a condensed format to fix errors in projects with large file names.
  • Numerous computations of eye data.
  • Mobile Eye
  • Meaningful graphical representation of data.
  • Fixation Sequences with Static Areas of Interest (AOIs) in video player over static background.
  • Added support for high resolution video, including recording at full resolution and displaying in Full Screen mode.

ASL Results Plus software was developed to be compatible with a vast range of eye tracking applications, ensuring that ASL Results Plus will suit your organizations specific research needs. These updates are bound to revolutionize the way you conduct your eye tracking research projects.


ASL Results Plus BrochureASL Results Plus Brochure

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