ASL Results Plus Monitor Tracking

Exciting new data analysis software for eye tracking mobile devices and computers! ASL's new Monitor Tracking analysis software module is the latest addition to the powerful ASL Results Plus analysis suite.

Analysis is quick and easy with a near automated process!

✓ Easy Analysis of Mobile Device Activity

✓ Present Experiment on iPhone and iPad

✓ Total Synchronization with EEG and GSR

✓ Save Funding Dollars – Two Eye Trackers in One

Revolutionary Software Capability

With the enormous growth in the use of mobile devices, it is more important than ever for researchers to be able to easily and accurately eye track and analyze participant use of mobile devices.

In keeping with their history of innovation, ASL incorporates the unique Monitor Tracking (MT) module into the powerful ASL Results Plus software suite to further automate and expedite data analysis for applications where gaze falls on mobile device or computer screens.

Easily Analyze Small Screens

Typically with head mounted eye tracking the output image of real-world mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, capture the environment around the device as well as the device. As a result, the small size of the device relative to its environment makes it difficult to identify specific areas of interest (AOIs) on the device’s screen. The screen image cannot be reliably analyzed.

ASL Results Plus MT (Monitor/Mobile Tracking) solves this issue by outputting gaze information on the screen image (the presented stimulus), which is recorded in addition to the head mounted camera’s scene image. This final screen image is larger and has a higher resolution than is obtained with a typical head mounted scene camera, displays only the scene relevant to your experiment, and is easier to analyze.

Two Eye Trackers in One

With limited funding, it can be difficult to purchase more than one eye tracking solution for all of your research projects requiring multiple types of stimulus. ASL Results Plus MT enables you to use only one eye tracking solution, a head mounted eye tracker, both for projects where one would typically use a remote/desktop eye tracking solution (when displaying stimulus on one flat surface) and for projects where one would use a head mounted solution (when participants need to be mobile, view stimulus on multiple surfaces and/or handle mobile devices). With one powerful software package and a single eye tracker, your research opportunities are now expanded.

Synchronize with other devices: EEG, GSR

Output data from other devices is easily synchronized to your ASL Results Plus MT output data. You can easily parse your data as well as introduce post session event markers.

Simple Analysis Process

With ASL Results Plus MT, the eye tracking glasses or head mounted system records the participants’ normal mobile device usage, with one exception: four small markers are positioned near the mobile device.

You record both the stimulus presented on the device’s screen and your head mounted eye tracking data (from the scene and eye cameras). The final output from ASL Results Plus MT is gaze information superimposed on just the high quality screen video image.

Import your stimulus into ASL Results Plus MT, specify your Areas of Interest (AOI) once and have them applied to all of your participants.eye-tracking-analysis-smartphone

Drill down your data with the ASL Results Plus MT intuitive project based format and reduce your participant data to a series of fixations. Fixations on background images can be presented in size, number, or in duration. These fixations will be automatically assigned to your designated AOI.

As with the entire suite of ASL Results Plus data analysis software, ASL Results Plus MT quickly outputs statistics for a single participant or a large group. It has many useful tools to examine and plot raw data, associate scene images with related segments of gaze data, and define AOI on both static and dynamic images. These built-in tools make it simple to arrange the statistics in user-definable charts and create compelling graphical representations such as scan paths, heat maps, SWARM™,

ASL Results Plus MT eliminates the disadvantage of using a head mounted eye tracker when a remote eye tracker is recommended by outputting gaze data on a separately recorded stimulus. The software automates the time consuming process of viewing individual video frames to manually position each AOI.

ASL Results Plus Monitor Tracking Example

Fast and Convenient Tools

Statistical fixation data is quickly available via informative graphic displays. Bar plots include: total amount of time in each AOI, percent of time in each AOI, number of fixations in each AOI, average fixation duration, total fixation time, time to first fixation, and average pupil diameter in each AOI.

ASL Results Plus Monitor Tracking Bar Plot


ASL Results Plus Monitor Tracking BrochureASL Results Plus Monitor Tracking Brochure

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