Paradigm Elements

Flexible Data Collection and Stimulus Presentation

With Paradigm Elements you will be able to:

  • Calibrate your subjects using a simple graphical user interface.
  • Measure gaze duration for multiple Areas of Interest (AOIs).
  • Mark stimuli onsets and responses with millisecond accuracy.
  • Mark multiple events during active stimuli, such as movies.
  • Take screenshots of visual stimuli for analysis with ASL Results software.
  • Start and stop data recording.

Easily integrate your experiment with ASL's eye tracking system by using Paradigm's drag and drop commands interface, which enables multi-modal collection of ASL Eye Tracker commands. These integrated commands result in seamless millisecond accurate stimulus and response synchronization.

Paradigm Elements for ASL Screenshot

Marker commands let you mark stimulus onset, responses and multiple events during movies and audio stimuli.

Paradigm Elements is ideal for visual world tasks, reading tasks, movie presentation, and more. Paradigm Elements for ASL is the simple solution for stimulus presentation, ASL data collection, and ASL Results Plus data analysis.

Paradigm Elements for Ports add-on package lets you send event triggers to a wide-array of devices including the Emotiv® EEG system.


Paradigm Elements BrochureParadigm Elements Brochure



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