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ASL Mobile Eye 5

Applied Science Laboratories (ASL), the authority on eye tracking, offers portable and easy to use wireless Mobile Eye-5 eye tracking glasses. The glasses are available in 5 different “Trac-Pak” configurations, designed to give you flexibility in choosing the eye tracker capabilities that best fit your research needs as well as your budget requirements.

ASL’s Mobile Eye-5 glasses are comfortable and lightweight and combine highly accurate point of gaze measurement with audio capability, for use in both indoor and outdoor research environments.

The Mobile Eye-5 system allows research participants complete freedom of movement, even during highly active tasks. The system is easy to set up and offers total integration with leading motion capture systems. Wireless data transmission enables researchers to view participant gaze data remotely in “real time” for immediate feedback. The Mobile Eye-5 is ideal for multiple research applications, such as cognitive psychology, kinesiology, human factors, usability, neuroscience, market research, sports performance, virtual reality and more!

  • State-of-the-art ergonomic redesign for greater comfort and flexibility
  • More lightweight and efficient wearable processing device
  • Wireless enhancements offer greater range/distance without interference
  • New event annotation option for easily marking live or recorded data
  • New flexible “Trac-Pak” packages to fit every budget and application

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