ASL fMRI and MEG Eye Tracking

ASL is the only company whose system has been successfully installed and used in fMRI’s in over 70 locations worldwide. Our experience includes, but is not exclusive to, installations in Siemens Allegra, Siemens TIM Trio, Philips and GE. We have successful installations with both CP head coils and 8 and 12 channel head coils. Our experienced staff can assist with optical path designs, custom configurations, stimulus display inquiries, training and installation.

The Long Range Optic is designed specifically for the fMRI environment and is now available for MEG environments. Virtually no ferrous metal is used in the optics module. The camera and illumination source uses ASL bright pupil technology that allows much more flexibility in set up. The optics can be positioned 12 feet from the bore. Custom DC power cables are designed to go through your RF filters and penetration panel.

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