EYESTART provides researchers with tight budget constraints the opportunity to collect accurate eye tracking data. It is also an excellent eye tracking training tool.

This eye tracker is designed to accurately measure a participant’s pupil diameter and point of gaze on a stationary (room fixed) scene space. The measurement is displayed as a cursor or set of crosshairs superimposed on the image from a video source showing the participant’s point of view.

The eye camera optics are attached to our well-known adjustable chinrest. This chinrest provides a very stable platform that is very comfortable for all participants.

The EYESTART system is configured with a 60 HZ camera. The ease of use, quick set up, and durability of the configuration has been a choice for many universities seeking to begin their eye tracking studies without the financial investment of other systems.

The EYESTART system is compatible with ASL Results Plus data analysis software and can be used in conjunction with many other data analysis software programs.

EYESTART is designed as an entry level system that can be upgraded to work in tandem with any of our other optical/camera assembly options within the ASL EYE-TRAC® Series system.

A Windows driven PC serves as a user interface to the EYESTART system and serves as a digital data and optional video data-recording device. EYESTART includes the 60 Hz optics on a table mounted chinrest, EYESTART control unit, two 9 inch black and white monitors, scan converter, cables and software, including SDK.



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