About ASL

With over 30 years of experience in eye tracking development, Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) in Bedford, Massachusetts, is the recognized authority in eye tracking. Founded by M.I.T. scientists in 1962, ASL developed the first video based eye tracker in 1974. ASL continues to pioneer innovative eye tracking solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.

ASL's current eye tracking solutions, wireless Mobile Eye-XG eye tracking glasses and a comprehensive EYE-TRAC® suite of versatile eye trackers with powerful data analysis software, are designed and manufactured by ASL and used worldwide in academic research, market research and industrial markets.

ASL’s cutting-edge innovations include: desktop optics with head motion compensation, portable, wearable devices, eye/head integration, long range optics for fMRI and revolutionary data analysis options. With dynamic, scalable and innovative solutions delivered with world-class customer support, ASL continues to be the complete eye tracking hardware, software and professional services provider.

ASL is the leader in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of eye tracking equipment worldwide by providing specialty design and development services for the research and consumer marketplace.

ASL's product range is continually being developed to incorporate new technology with the noteworthy goal of advancing the understanding of eye movement and dynamics. ASL has designed smaller, less expensive and more flexible devices to assist researchers operating under stringent budget guidelines.

The ASL range of systems represents the most complete line of eye measurement and recording available today. ASL eye tracking applications are far reaching and include:

  • Usability
  • WEB Design
  • In-Vehicle Research
  • Human Factors
  • Sports Training
  • Vehicle Simulators
  • fMRI
  • Cognitive Studies
  • Medical Research
  • Primate Research
  • Infant Research
  • Virtual Reality

ASL works closely with the research and consumer communities to assess the feasibility of incorporating eye tracking into present and future applications by designing custom prototypes. ASL’s finished products are “customer driven solutions”.

ASL is the only eye tracking equipment manufacturer that has a comprehensive fabrication lab dedicated to new product design. This capability has nurtured our overall goal of providing application targeted and integrated solutions.

ASL has successfully developed strategic partnerships with a number of “Best in Class” application manufacturers in areas that include motion capture, kinesiology, neuroscience, EEG, MEG, fMRI and stimulus presentation.

ASL has a history of employing talented people who are technically trained in such areas as electro-optical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering and control theory. Augmenting the staff are consulting scientists from leading universities. Many members of the staff have been with the Company for 15 years or more and have among them enormous accumulated knowledge of eye tracking technology.

The Company is housed in 12,000 square feet of modern, leased, light manufacturing space in Bedford, Massachusetts.

ASL’s reputation has been built on providing outstanding support and customer service that includes:

  • A dedicated technical support staff with real-world eye tracking research backgrounds
  • Free training at the ASL training center in Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • Customized on-site training programs
  • Unlimited telephone support.
  • ASL can assist in challenging installations and software development, when required.
  • Assistance in coordinating informal ‘information exchange’ user groups.