Ascension laserBIRD 2

A precise optical tracker for the most demanding tracking environments. Designed for head and object tracking in simulator, emmiters and 3D visualization applications. laserBIRD 2 continuously scans the work space enabling its sensor to instantly sense emitted laser beams.

Signals are then directed back to the scanner's DSP electronics for processing and output of position and orientation data to a host computer.

Ascension Technologies Corporation discontinued the production of the laserBIRD2. Replacement products are the 3D Guidance trakSTAR / driveBAY.


  • Head/object tracking in simulators & virtual/augmented reality systems
  • Instrument tracking in surgical applications
  • Guidance & control of robotic devices
  • Biomechanical measurement and feedback


Scanning laser beam technology No metallic distortion, drift, noise or acoustic interference. Excellent for use in high metal, high noise environments where magnetic and inertial technologies cannot perform well. Ambient light resistant. Works equally well on fixed and motion-based platforms.
Sub-degree and sub-millimeter accuracy High precision for most realistic tracking experience.
Prediction up to 50 ms Customizable prediction parameters. Only predicts motion along axis of interest to minimize noise associated with prediction.
Measurement rate of 240 meas/sec Instantaneous tracking solution without discernable lag.
Low Lag Tight sync of head location with image generation. Helps alleviate "?motion sickness? in virtual environments by minimizing tracker lag in image generators exhibiting significant latency.


Technical Degrees of Freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Scanner Field of View: ± 50° horizontal ±52° vertical
Measurement Rate: 240 Hz
Lag: Tracking response: 7.17 ms
RS-232 Reporting Time: 1.0 ms
Interface: RS-232, USB converter is available.
Prediction Capability: Yes - customizable up to 50 ms on axis of choice
Note: Specifications with sensor between 43cm and 106cm from scanner unit.
Sensor Position Operating Distance: 0.15 m to 1.83 m
Accuracy @ 1m: 0.7 mm RMS
Static Resolution @1m: 0.1 mm
Sensor Orientation Angle Range: Sensor directly in front of scanner: ± 85° Azimuth, Elevation, ± 180° Roll
Accuracy @ 1m: 0.5° RMS
Static Resolution @ 1m: 0.05°
Physical Scanner Dimensions (L x W x H): 32 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm
Scanner Weight: 1.53 kg
Sensor Dimensions (L x W x H): 10 cm x 9 cm x 1 cm
Sensor Weight: 40 g

Flexible prediction capability

As with any prediction algorithm, the more you predict into the future, the more noise introduced into the data stream. laserBIRD's unique prediction capability allows a user to select individual prediction parameters (X, Y, Z, Azimuth, Elevation, Roll). Prediction can thus be specified along a single axis of interest with minimal data degradation.

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