ART Hybrid Suit

In situations where you cannot assure a constant line of sight from the ART cameras to the targets, you will need ART’s new hybrid Motion Capture system. As with the pure optical system, 17 6DOF targets are used, however should the line of sight become occluded, 15 wireless inertial sensors (e.g. by Trivisio) also provide rotational information.

The individual targets can be worn arbitrarily at the limbs which allows for a very flexible use as the targets do not have to be attached at the exact position, but can be worn according to the need. Currently it is possible to track a single person.

For example an upper leg target can be worn at the front or in the back of the leg giving the same result.

To compliment the system we have introduced a new 6di file format making it easy to see whether the data is coming from an optical or the inertia sensor. All captured data can be sent directly to the application software or can be transferred via our ART-Human tool. ART-Human itself provides a fast and easy way to calibrate the human model by simply adding another output channel to our DTrack2 control utility’s output.

Key features:

  • Individual 6 DOF targets – no lycra body suit needed!
  • Fast and easy calibration through ART Human
  • Tracks 1 full body
  • Absolute position of the human model
  • Works even if line of sight is blocked
  • Robust design with coated markers
  • Interfaces to: Alaska Dynamicus, Autodesk MotionBuilder®, Catia, Delmia, Jack, Virtools (using ART-Human)
  • Free SDK available
  • Add tracking of fingers with the ART Fingertracking system


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