Synertial Software

Synertials sophisticated software and plugins are quick, friendly and easy to use. Hop into a suit and bring your 3D characters to life in a matter of moments! For more information, please check out the software products below.

SynDash Mocap SW

Synertial SyndashA Suite of programs that bring advanced features to Animate

  • Keyframe editor - easy cleanup for inertial data
  • Skeleton manager
  • Raw Data Capture (reading acceleration)


Synertial SDKUse Synertial’s small SDK with built-in kinematics, or build your own and access raw data in real-time

  • C++
  • Record raw as well as fused data
  • Access to sensor raw data in real-time

Plugins and Drivers

Vicon Blade

Synertial Vicon BladeDesigned for a future where motion capture and live action shooting become indistinguishable

Blade, Powered by Axiom, is engineered to capture performances effortlessly and deliver robust, reliable data that enables creativity.

Siemens Jack & PSH

Synertial Siemens Jack &PSHSiemens Jack (and PSH) is the Digital Factory “gold standard” for Human Factors Engineering (HFE) and ergonomics simulation products.

The exact skeleton extraction and kinematics modelling system offers the most accurate and seamless motion implementation available for the Jack package. Clients in this field are the biggest names in medical, manufacturing, and defense contractors in the world.

Motion Builder

Synertial MotionBuilderView and capture your mo-cap in real-time, directly on your characters equating to full pre-viz scenes.

Synertial has been partners with MotionBuilder since their beginning in 1997 (when they were Kaydara), and they have been providing a real-time plugin every year, ever since. The plugin allows you to view and capture your mo-cap in real-time, directly on your characters equating to full pre-viz scenes. Taking full advantage of MotionBuilder’s characterize process, you can expect to generate accurate data across all characters no matter what size or shape.


Synertial Unity & UnrealStream mocap data directly into Unity and onto your character

The real-time Unity plugin allows you to stream mocap data directly into Unity and onto your character. This allows innovative full body control over a game character, either inside the editor or in a full build. This real-time technology has been utilised to create our award-winning, interactive digital animation system Animalive.

Character mesh in Unity

VR demo in Unity


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