About AIQ Synertial

Synertial has led the market in inertial motion capture for over 25 years, supplying industrial 4.0 clients, academic research laboratories, robotics technology firms and animation & game production studios across the globe.

Synertial’s new opto-inertial hybrid systems deliver unparalleled accuracy for clients seeking ultimately reliable and repeatable data capture using inertial, easy to operate systems.

Having partnered with AiQ, a smart clothing pioneer, in 2018, they are looking forward to fusing cutting edge inertial mocap technology with 21st century fabrics science to usher in a new generation of 2nd skin mocap suits designed specifically for athletes and the sports science industry.

The latest 120fps suits featuring 17 or 23 inertial sensors are designed for rapid Sports action.

All their Suits and Gloves are a perfect match for Robotics and Digital Factory applications.

​AiQ Synertial founders have gathered as clients and collaborators some of the biggest names in manufacturing, entertainment and acedemia over the last 25 years.