Synertial IGS Suit

Synertial is proud to introduce their 4th Gen suits. They have perfected every possible aspect of inertial motion capture and now offer a variety of essential new features and options not available anywhere else.

You can now track the absolute position of any of Synertial's suits or gloves with The Hybrid for super-accurate root-positioning.

The Optinertial option lets bundle a suit with a pair of 7, 12 or 15 sensor gloves to include finger capture. Use the new Optinertial technology to perfectly synchronize our systems with optical mocap for occlusion free data that is post production ready.

In addition to state of the art electronics, the new Cobra system pipeline uses Kinexact-HW/SW to extract an accurate skeleton file of body and/or fingers as well as a patent pending adjustable jig for precise finger Initialization.
Unsurpassed Magnetic Immunity, high capture rates, minimal latency, kinematic accuracy tools and clean data set Synertials system apart as the only truly professional solutions available for inertial motion capture.


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