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    About Polhemus

    Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company.

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  • Polhemus G4


    The 6DOF compact, three-sensor wireless tracker for complete freedom of movement.

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  • Polhemus PATRIOT™


    The two-Sensor 6DOF Tracker that delivers unmatched value in the 6DOF Marketplace

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  • Polhemus LIBERTY™


    The absolute best in 6DOF Tracking — Polhemus fastest, most accurate, scalable solution

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  • Polhemus FASTRAK


    The workhorse 6DOF Motion Tracker that set the standard in tracking

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    Patriot™ Wireless

    The totally wireless 6DOF tracking solution for expandable coverage area.

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  • Polhemus LIBERTY LATUS

    Liberty™ Latus™

    The top choice for wireless, self-contained, 6DOF Motion Tracking across large areas.

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  • Polhemus FastSCAN II

    FastSCAN II

    FastSCAN II is a handheld, lightweight, laser scanner that produces scans instantly—with an ultra-portable system bundled in a compact case. With a simple sweep of a wand, FastSCAN II lets you create instant real-time 3D images--anytime, anywhere. This allows FastSCAN II to go where you go, scanning objects easily and onsite in their natural environments.

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    The PATRIOT Digitizer is a high-end, full 6DOF digitizer, and is the most cost effective digitizer on the market. This easy-to-use system allows you to move freely--around, under and behind objects--and has the capability to digitize both big and small items. You can digitize everything from engineering prototypes to artwork.

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  • Polhemus POWERTRAK 360

    POWERTRAK 360™

    The handheld device that tracks position and orientation

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  • Polhemus MICRO SENSOR 1.8™


    The Micro Sensor 1.8 is one of the latest breakthroughs from Polhemus, the leaders in motion measurement innovation. This 6DOF (6 Degree-Of-Freedom) micro sensor tracking element utilizes Polhemus proprietary AC electromagnetic technology, weighs in at less than a gram, and measures only 1.8 millimeters in OD (outer diameter). Small and lightweight, it packs an enormous amount of capability into its small size and provides both position and orientation data, at speeds up to 240Hz (frames of data per second).

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  • Discontinued:

  • Polhemus FastSCAN


    So fast and easy that it may trim days or weeks off your workload, FastSCAN is the ultimate handheld laser scanner. With a simple sweep of the FastSCAN wand, you can create instant real time 3D images and databases--anytime, anywhere. FastSCAN is the industry's most flexible and most affordable scanner.

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