STORMCLOUD is (probably) the most advanced Simulated Enhanced Helmet Mounted Sight Display (eHMSD) in the world and developed by Cinoptics in collaboration with NLR (Nederlands Lucht en Ruimtevaartcentrum/Netherlands Aerospace Centre). The optics offer a transmission of >70% and have been integrated into a lightweight helmet design which includes headphones & microphone.

STORMCLOUD is a Generic eHMSD that has been designed for multiple simulator platforms and features a modular design that can be customized for various rotor wing or jet fighter simulators.

Additional options include:

integrated eye- and headtrackers, monochrome green display, compatibility with EF/NH90 simulators.

Future developments:

additional types helmet mounts.


Cinoptics STORMCLOUD BrochureCinoptics STORMCLOUD Brochure

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