• About TEA

    About TEA

    TEA (Technology, Ergonomics, Applications) specializes in the development, supply and implementation of high-end sensors as well as complete measurement and analysis solutions for physical activity, motion and eyetracking.


    CAPTIV Software

    CAPTIV is a cutting-edge and flexible tool for recording, synchronizing and analyzing video recordings and sensors measurements.

  • TEA CAPTIV Motion

    CAPTIV Motion

    Wireless transmission module for mesuring the orientation in space of an object or a person. Mesures are shown as a rotation quaternion. Transmission in real time to the T-Log Datalogger, the T-DAC module or the T-USB Key.

  • TEA T-Sens

    T-Sens Sensors

    T-Sens is a non-intrusive, lightweight wireless module which connects to a sensor for transfering data to the T-Log datalogger or the T-USB key.

  • TEA Receiver & Datalogger

    Receivers & Datalogger

    These real-time receivers allow the user to retrieve all sensors data instaneously.

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