CyberGlove VirtualHand SDK

The VirtualHand SDK is a complete development solution for adding hand-motion capture, hand-interaction, and force feedback to simulation applications.


It simplifies simulation for developers in mechanical CAD, R&D, or 3D e-commerce allowing them to "hand-enable" their applications. The SDK consist of three main components:

1. Device Manager: A multiplatform (W2K, NT, IRIX, and WinXP) network-aware device driver system for CyberGlove, CyberTouch, CyberGrasp, and CyberForce systems, as well as the Polhemus Fastrak and Ascension Flock of Birds six degrees of freedom (DOF) trackers.

2. Device Configuration Utility: A user friendly Windows-like interface to calibrate and configure your gloves, touches, grasps, and six-DOF trackers. The DCU allows you to save configurations and configure default settings.

3. VirtualHand API: A fully featured C++ development library including support for collision detection, hand interaction management, and force feedback.

Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.